The best quality in every product

Ferrinox was founded in 1990 and produces different models of semi-automatic labelling machines used in many areas such as wine, olive oil, cosmetics and  the chemical industry and, more in general, whenever the use of simple and reliable machines are needed.

The primary objective has always been to provide the best quality for every product, combining it with the maximum flexibility to satisfy customer specific requests.

Each labelling machine is designed and produced in close cooperation with the customer in order to offer a personalized service that is perfectly suitable for the specific needs.

In house production guarantees excellent results and very good value for money.

In the carpentry department we produce components for the food, chemical, textile and mechanical industry and our primary goal is always complete customer satisfaction.

We work developing the customer's design or we are also able to provide direct assistance in the design of the required components.

The quality of our product is ensured throughout several steps, from the control of raw materials, the care in all phases of production and by careful examination of the final product obtained.