Double reel semiautomatic labeller

Semiautomatic labeller on wheels, with top moving roller to block the product after the positioning.

The machine is supplied with 2 labelling heads to stick label and back label or as an alternative, to stick front and back label on the top head and a barcode or a second back label on the lower head.

FX-20 can label glass pots and bottles, but also other products made of plastic. 

With some specific optionals it is possible to read bottom notches, to stick a label in another moment  and also installing a marking system.

The machine has an essential stainless steel structure on wheels and two ribbed rollers for the silicone paper with quick releasing. 

It is in conformity with EC safety standards and the electronic board with microprocessor enables to use different labelling variants. 

The basic version can stick two labels from 2 separate rolls.

technical features

technical features
Dimensions 600mm x 600mm x 1250mm
Weight 80kg
Voltage 230V - 50Hz (opt. 110V - 60Hz)
Installed Power 0,2 kW
Sound Level 40 decibel
Hour production 700 b/h
Max. label height 140mm (opt. 190mm)
Max. label lenght 280mm (opt. 340mm)
Round bottle diametre 50-120mm (opt. 20mm-200mm)

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